domingo, fevereiro 07, 2010


Idea: Dec/09
Decision: Jan/10
Driving School: Feb/05/10
Passport: Feb/12/10
CNH: Jun/18/10
PID: Jul/05/10

1: Summer Camp (2009 ~ 150h);
2: Kindergarten (2010 ~ 105h).
3: Church (2007-2008 ~ 288h);
Total: 543h


Agency: InterExchange (Yázigi Travel - Campo Mourão/PR)
Entry: Apr/22/10
Psychological Test: Apr/25/10
Police Report: May/03/10
Personal Letter: May/24/10
Photo Album: May/29/10
Medical Form: Jun/01/10
Childcare Reference 2: Jun/01/10
Character Reference: Jun/05/10
English Interview: Jun/16/10
Photos: Jul/05/10
Childcare Reference 1: Jul/07/10
App's Delivery: Jul/07/10
Sent to SP: Jul/09/10
Review: Jul/16/10 (Not ok!)
Childcare Reference 3: Jul/21/10
App's Delivery: Jul/21/10
Sent to SP: Jul/23/10
Review: Aug/02/10 (Ok!)
Sent to NY: Aug/06/10
Acceptance: Oct/07/10
ON: Oct/07/10
1st Family: Nov/02/10
2nd Family: Dec/30/10
3th Family: Jan/18/11
Status: Cancelled.


Agency: Cultural Care (Poltrona 1 Turismo - Maringá/PR)
Entry: Oct/05/10
Online App: Oct/06/10
Childcare Reference 3: Oct/06/10
Childcare Reference 2: Oct/06/10
Childcare Reference 1: Oct/07/10
Character Reference: Oct/07/10
Submit (online app): Oct/12/10
Personality Test: Oct/14/10
Medical Form: Oct/21/10 
Police Report: Oct/22/10
Palestra: Oct/22/10
Entry: Oct/22/10
Interview: Oct/22/10
Documentation: Oct/22/10
English Interview: Oct/22/10
Acceptance: Nov/05/10 / Nov/12/10
Video: Nov/07/10
ON: Nov/17/10
Submit (video): Nov/17/10
AuPairVideos: Nov/21/10
1st Family: Dec/13/10
2nd Family: Dec/27/10
3rd Family: Jan/06/11
4th Family: Jan/10/11 
Match: Jan/10/11 
Rematch: Jan/11/11
ON: Jan/11/11
5th Family: Jan/11/11
6th Family: Jan/18/11
7th Family: Jan/24/11
8th Family: Jan/26/11
Match: Jan/28/11
Visa Day: Feb/18/11 (I got it!)
Departure Day: Mar/06/11
Training School: Mar/07 to Mar/11/11
Host Family: Mar/11/11
Rematch: Oct/05/11
9th Family: Oct/06/11
Dinner with the family: Oct/12/11
Match: Oct/13/11
Moving in: Oct/16/11
Status: I'm here! >.<


GreatAuPair - GAP: May/30/10 (Y) Jun/02/10 (#Fail)
Expert AuPair: Aug/24/10 (#BigFail)